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How To Derive Free Traffic On Your Website Using Traffic Boomber Advanced Method

  Are you worried about getting traffic on your new website or even on your social media channels? Then this article is made for you! Actual...


Are you worried about getting traffic on your new website or even on your social media channels? Then this article is made for you! Actually, this is the genuine way you can earn massive traffic on your website. With these skills I applied on one of my blogs, I have been getting over eleven thousand views per day of which we get different monthly visitors each and every day. This method will definitely help you. All you need to do is to follow the steps carefully to be in position with us.  Without wasting much time, let begin the tutorials…

NOTE: There is nothing like payment in these methods. Everything we are about to discuss here is absolutely free! This article is a property of

1. Quora:

Quora is one of the most popular platforms that have over three million visit per month. Someone will ask how can I boost my traffic with the use of Quora? Yes, it is very possible to boost your traffic with the use of Quora.  Quora is a website that allow users to ask questions and answer questions. It is just like a forum. That is, when some ask questions on Quora, you can answer it and at the same time, you can ask question as well.

                    How can we use Quora as a traffic tool?

As I said earlier, Quora get over three million visitors per month. Therefore, when someone ask question in the Quora platform, just give a little bit of the answer to the person and insert your website link into your answer that is related to the question which was asked.

Also, you can also ask the question and answer it yourself by inserting your website article to answer it.

As time goes on, you will get free traffic from Quora whenever Quora users click on your link.

                          How can I get Quora account?

Quora registration is free. Just visit and sign up with your Gmail to be part of the Quora family.

2. Medium:

Medium is one of the most awesome platforms that allows users to earn money at the same time, can gain free traffic on your website. In this website, you will copy and paste some of your articles on the medium platform and insert your links that you wish for it to be in the platform. Many of the successful bloggers uses medium as their source of traffic in their life. Deriving traffic from here is absolutely free!

                                                  How can I post on Medium?

Don’t worry at all. You are the reason why is here to help. In other to post on this popular platform, kindly visit the medium website on All you need is to sign up with your Gmail. Please note that this is fully secured and there is nothing like bleach of passwords in these platforms.



3. Pinterest:

You are surprised that I made mention of Pinterest over, here right? But fear not it is more trafficable than most of what you were doing in the past. Pinterest is all about pictures but with this opportunity, you will be able to drive over five thousand views per day from this website. Pinterest is almost on all the popular search consoles in the world (e.g. Google, Yandex etc.).

                            How can I gain traffic from Pinterest?

This method is as simple as ABC. Just visit and signup with the needed requirement (e.g. Gmail). After create a business account in Pinterest and start posting.

                                How can I go about posting on Pinterest?

All you need is to copy and paste the title of your article in the Pinterest business title box. After insert your website thumbnail as the picture. After this, copy and paste your website link into the business tag you created. Whenever someone search that topic or any picture related to yours, you will be able to get traffic on your website whenever the person clicks on the picture.

4. LinkedIn:

Most of the successful business men and women advertise most of their product on LinkedIn website. LinkedIn is more unless like Facebook but it has a lot of search volumes since it is mainly for business people. This article was posted by don’t forget to share. Let get back to the business. So, as I was saying, you will just copy your article into LinkedIn and insert your link in it. Where never someone clicks on it, it will lead the person to your website or social media channel.

                        How can I create LinkedIn account?

Creating an account over here is free… No charges applied. Just visit and sign up.

Don’t forget that LinkedIn have over 5 million visitors per month. Definitely, you will drive you thousand or millions of traffic here.

5. MIX.COM is well known to be more unless like Pinterest. You will pass through the process we showed in the Pinterest to begin this. They look very similar.

                                       How can I create an account on

All what you have to do is to visit and start signing up. This is also free of charge. Do not be worried about payment because you won’t pay anything over here.


6. Nairaland:

I will conclude with Nairaland because it is one of the major sources of traffic currently. That is the reason why I have suggested for you to try it as well. This site is a forum which is like Quora. But this place, there have been categories created for you. This site has a very higher domain authority so ranking on Google is very easy.

                                                       How can I drive traffic from Nairaland?

Visit and sign up. This is a free signup.  After signing up, select a category that your website link falls under. After this copy part of your article into it and insert your website link in it.



I came across some cool video on YouTube of which I will suggest for you. It was very helpful that why I am suggesting for you as well.  Check the video below and add your comment if you need assistant. If it urgent, then click on the WhatsApp icon to chat me directly.



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